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Stay up to date on all things ESTROTECT with our informative articles on animal health and management. From industry news and trends to tips and best practices, we have you covered.


Weighing up heat detection options

The general manager of breeding indicator company Estrotect, Boyd Dingus, says deciding which combination of heat detection aids to use is a matter of weighing up each tool’s effectiveness, its cost versus benefit, and ease of use. Tail paint “Tail paint is inexpensive and has been used as a heat detection aid for decades, however,…

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Three keys for successful beef cattle artificial insemination

Focus on factors like body condition score and estrus intensity for breeding season success.

The Recipe for Getting Started with AI

Artificial insemination (AI) is a proven way to improve genetics. It is also an efficient method to front-load when calves are born during the calving season, which helps increase the weaning weight average of the whole herd.

Estrus detection made easy with breeding indicator patches

Reproductive decisions, determining heifer cyclicity and breeding problem cows are just a few reasons to detect estrus with breeding indicator patches.

Don’t Compromise, Make Matings with Intent

How do you maximize performance, feeder calf value and end-product quality while simultaneously achieving the ideal in maternal performance, adaptability and efficiency? This is a challenging task and probably the most important long-term decision facing many commercial producers today.

Study aimed to investigate anthelmintic therapy on postweaning growth performance and reproductive success

Evaluation of postweaning performance and reproductive measurements in fall-born replacement beef heifers treated with different anthelmintic regimens

7 & 7 Synch

An Estrus Synchronization Protocol for Postpartum Beef Cows

Making what’s good even better: New AI protocols for beef cattle

Advances in artificial insemination (AI) technology help increase conception rates, and research continues to make progress in AI protocols.

Increasing fertility by curbing pregnancy loss

University research has shown that the stronger the intensity of a cow’s estrous (heat), the better chance she has of holding her pregnancy.

Sexed Semen & Estrus Detection a Win-Win

Focusing cattle breeding to produce animals with maternal or terminal traits is advantageous to beef producers depending on their situation.

Preparing replacement heifers for the long run

The ability to get replacement heifers bred and calved out early are important indicators for how long heifers will stay in a cow herd. And, heifers need to be fully developed heading into their first breeding season to ensure they’ll have longevity and pay for themselves.

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