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Stay up to date on all things ESTROTECT with our informative articles on animal health and management. From industry news and trends to tips and best practices, we have you covered.


Best of both worlds: Estrus detection aids and timed cattle breeding

Breeding cattle via artificial insemination (AI) by pairing visual estrus detection aids and timed AI protocols is a win-win.  Using artificial insemination (AI) with a cattle herd doesn’t require as much time or labor as you might think. With the advent of timed breeding protocols and quality visual estrus detection aids, AI has become more…

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Preparing replacement heifers for the long run

The ability to get replacement heifers bred and calved out early are important indicators for how long heifers will stay in a cow herd. And, heifers need to be fully developed heading into their first breeding season to ensure they’ll have longevity and pay for themselves.

Excel with Sexcel and Estrotect

Pairing sexed semen with estrus detection results in higher conception rates and more valuable calves.

Weighing up heat detection options

There are a number of tools and technologies now available to help dairy farmers optimize heat detection.

3 reasons you shouldn’t settle for tail paint

You might be using tail paint or chalk in your breeding program for several reasons. “It’s cheap.” “It’s what my neighbors do.” Or maybe, “It’s what my A.I. company prefers.” Tail paint is better than nothing, but that doesn’t make it the best tool to get heifers and cows pregnant.

2019 Recommended Protocols for Beef Heifers and Cows

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ESTROTECT Unveils New Breeding Indicator for Dairy and Beef Producers

Spring Valley, Wis. [October 1, 2018] – ESTROTECT™, the global leader in innovative breeding management tools, today announced the release of the new ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicator. The ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicator features a new and improved precision design that includes the patent pending Breeding Bullseye™ to help producers and breeding specialists know exactly when animals are…

Evaluation of a modified GnRH-based timed-AI protocol associated with estrus detection in beef heifers inseminated with sex-selected or conventional semen

The main objective was to compare pregnancy per AI (P/AI) between sex-selected and conventional semen in cyclic beef heifers subjected to a 5-day Co-synch plus CIDR protocol and evaluated the usefulness of an estrus detection (ED) aid to identify heifers that were most likely to conceive. This study also determined if the expression of estrus…

ESTROTECT Honors the Life of Stan Lock, an AI Industry Pioneer

Sunday morning the AI Industry lost a real pioneer. Stan Lock was a real cowman that understood the science and practical aspects of breeding cattle by artificial insemination. Stan will be missed but his work will go on through his disciples.

Determine Estrous Response with ESTROTECT to Optimize Artificial Insemination Costs

If you want to target AI expenses where they will have the most impact, consider monitoring estrous response prior to fixed-time AI with proven rub-off heat detection patches from ESTROTECT.

Synchronization Protocols Create Successful Herds

ESTROTECT Ambassadors for Select Sires and ABS Global share their experience using ESTROTECT Heat Detectors with great success in synchronized AI Protocols.

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