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The ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator as a Reproduction Management Tool

The ESTROTECT Difference

 Precision designed with Breeding Bullseye technology to take the guesswork out of breeding protocols

 Scientifically-proven to help increase confirmed pregnancy rates by up to THREE times!

 The only University-tested and proven breeding indicator on the market

 Can be used in a variety of applications, including heat detection, pinpointing timing for breeding protocols, confirming pregnancies and identifying potential embyonic loss.

ESTROTECT™ unveils new, industry-shifting Breeding Indicator for dairy and beef Producers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kayla Jentz, Filament, (608) 720-1779…

ESTROTECT Honors the Life of Stan Lock, an AI Industry Pioneer

Sunday morning the AI Industry lost a real pioneer. Stan Lock was a real cowman that understood the science and practical aspects of breeding cattle by artificial insemination. Stan will be missed but his work will go on through his…
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