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Don’t Compromise, Make Matings with Intent

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How do you maximize performance, feeder calf value and end-product quality while simultaneously achieving the ideal in maternal performance, adaptability and efficiency? This is a challenging task and probably the most important long-term decision facing many commercial producers today.

The ultimate solution will undoubtedly differ depending on the environment, cow herd base and marketing options, but the consequences are the same. Choose too much maternal emphasis and you likely leave money on the table at sale time, especially if you retain ownership. Overshoot on the terminal side and you risk adding unwanted mature size and added long term cow herd costs while potentially taking your eye off other key maternal traits.

With those competing interests in mind, most producers today make breeding decisions that attempt to balance both maternal and terminal traits in all their matings. This of course requires compromise which, while needed, lessens the effectiveness and value of both.

Is it time to consider another option?

You don’t have to compromise. The ABS Sexcel product offering lets you target specific matings, eliminating the need to compromise your herd maternally or terminally. Make the most out of your genetic selection – make matings with intent.

The ABS Sexcel 60/40 Program provides the opportunity to utilize a portion of your herd for replacement production utilizing tailor made maternal genetics, allowing the freedom and flexibility to dedicate the rest of your herd and mating decisions towards maximizing terminal traits and calf crop value.

Having the ability to produce heifers with maternal traits will create an opportunity to grow your cowherd rapidly and improve the quality of your females. On the other hand, having the ability to produce terminally focused calves will result in higher weaning weights, increased feed efficiency and additional overall profit.

ABS’ vision is pioneering animal genetics to nourish the world. One new tool that we are using is a 60/40 synch program to accomplish that vision. This program allows you to focus both on maternal and terminal to achieve the best of each.

Lacey Sutherin, ABS District Sales Manager

Fortunately, the achievement of either of these goals is attainable when using ABS’ Sexcel 60/40 Synch program – the innovative breeding program that uses a combination of estrus detection with Estrotect Breeding Indicators and timed artificial insemination.

Estrotect Breeding Indicators

Getting started is simple. According to the breeding protocol, all cows are first synchronized and fitted with Estrotect Breeding Indicators. While all cows are bred using timed AI, these indicators determine which cows receive what semen.

Approximately 60% of the cows who are displaying estrus via the Estrotect Breeding Indicators will be time AI’ed with Sexcel semen from maternally designed bulls.

The remaining approximately 40% of the cows who are not displaying estrus via the Estrotect Breeding Indicators are time AI’ed with conventional semen from terminally oriented bulls.

Upon the completion of timed AI of all cows, they will be exposed to a terminally oriented clean-up bull.

For example, if a producer has 100 cows and utilizes Sexcel 60/40 Synch, they should find that they have about 25- 30 heifers born within a small window. The other 70- 75 calves should be terminally oriented and have genetics for increased weaning weights that will help them perform better in the feedlot and on the packing rail.

With as much precision as biology and technology currently allows, you have the power to decide which part of the herd will pass on their genetics and make replacement heifers designed for maternal value from your early calving cows and you have the flexibility to add more power, pounds, and terminal value to your late born claves.


  • Source: ABS Blog
  • Date: September 15, 2021
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