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Maximize estrus detection

Rapid genetic progress in the dairy industry ties to profitability, and profitability is often determined by longevity. A dairy heifer doesn’t pay for herself until the second lactation. So how does one ensure she stays in the herd through her second lactation and longer? Ensure she’ll become pregnant.

Take the Worry out of Your Timed AI Program

For folks who are used to heat detection or who have never used AI before, the idea of timed AI can be a little scary. I know of more than one producer who calls it “poke and hope.” Of course, the physiology of timed AI and estrus synchronization is quite a bit more sophisticated than that.

How to Increase Breeding Results With Sexed Semen

Advancements in artificial insemination (A.I.) for beef cattle have come a long way in the past few decades. One reproductive technology with the potential to improve management and bottom lines even further for producers is sexed semen.
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