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Stay up to date on all things ESTROTECT with our informative articles on animal health and management. From industry news and trends to tips and best practices, we have you covered.


Weighing up heat detection options

The general manager of breeding indicator company Estrotect, Boyd Dingus, says deciding which combination of heat detection aids to use is a matter of weighing up each tool’s effectiveness, its cost versus benefit, and ease of use. Tail paint “Tail paint is inexpensive and has been used as a heat detection aid for decades, however,…

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“Are 60 Percent Calving in First 21 Days?” NDSU Agriculture Communication (April 2014)

A cow should cycle within 80 days of calving and maintain an average calving interval of 365 days. Are yours? Read More

Breeding cows for keep

Even in harder years, the best farmers recognize that breeding the next generation of money-makers is not a good place to save a few dollars.
That doesn’t mean doing the same things you’ve always done; it means continuing your commitment to your future herd by looking at how you’re making mating decisions and whether you can make it easier and more profitable for the same money.

“2013 DCRC Roundtable” Hoard’s Dairyman (December 2013)

Five dairies sort the top of judges’ ballots for the 2013 Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council’s (DCRC) awards program. Read More (PDF)

“What Would Another 5% Be Worth?” Genex

Do you use fixed timed-AI to breed your cows? You may want to wait a little longer to boost pregnancy rates. Read More (PDF)

Evolving technology

Will the sun soon set on heat-detecting tail paint? Certainly the technology for heat detection is evolving, says CRV Ambreed.

Getting the plan right

Sound planning and simple strategies will help dairy farmers achieve their objectives on calving patterns, and get good quality heifer replacements, says CRV AmBreed.

Early detection helps

Pre-mating heat detection can improve mating season success and help everyone brush up on their heat detection skills, says CRV AmBreed

Herd fertility made easy

What does profitable dairying mean to you? Each farm owner, manager or sharemilker will answer this question differently: milk solids in the vat, cows in calf, high-value progeny, longevity, cull value, easy-manage cows and more.

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