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RESEARCH ABSTRACT – Keys to maximizing reproductive efficiency in a beef herd (University of Tennessee, 2016)

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Key Points:
– Timed AI and ET are effective methods to establish pregnancy in beef cows
– In order to increase the chance of pregnancy establishment and maintenance, cows
must effectively respond to stimulus to synchronize a follicular wave; we must be
able to control luteal lifespan, induce ovulation and deposit semen in the
appropriate location.
– Decreasing progesterone prior ovulation followed by increasing post-ovulation
increase pregnancy rates.
– Increased proestrus length prior to FTAI increased pregnancy rates.
– Increased estradiol prior ovulation, increased pregnancy rates.
– Estrus behavior, between CIDR removal and AI, increase pregnancy rates and
decrease embryo mortality.

Click here to read the full abstract. (PDF)

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