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ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicators featuring Breeding Bullseye™ technology are a precision-designed, economic and easy-to-use breeding tool backed by researchers and breeding experts.

  • Millions and millions of ESTROTECT™ products have been used worldwide
  • Supported by university research unlike any other product in its class
  • Over a decade in the global marketplace
  • Only need to apply once per breeding cycle
  • Available in five fluorescent colors

ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicators are the only product of their kind proven by leading researchers. We developed and tested the ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicator on thousands of cows around the world. According to a 2018 third-party, timed-AI beef cattle trial, when the ESTROTECT™ Breeding Bullseye™ is rubbed off by mounting activity, cows are up to THREE TIMES more likely to result in confirmed pregnancies than if estrus is not detected prior to insemination.

As Good As A Bull™

ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicators help producers identify their animals for the maximum opportunity for pregnancy. Below are results from university-led studies.

1) ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicators help confirm pregnancies in a 2014 fixed-timed AI trial. 

In the hot and humid 2013-2014 breeding season in Brazil, the University of Missouri used ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicators to determine estrus activity in approximately 1000 Nelore females (Bosindicus breed). Patches were applied to cattle when CIDRs were removed from animals followed by fixed-time artificial insemination (FTAI) 48 hours later.

The results in Figure 1 indicated that cows with 50% or more of the ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicator rub-off surface removed were significantly more likely to be pregnant after FTAI. Figure 2 provides a more comprehensive breakdown of this study.

2) ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicators help confirm pregnancies in both AI and natural service operations.

This timed-AI beef cattle trial compared ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicator’s success in confirming pregnancies to blood-based tests analyzed by three different labs. The results showed that ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicators performed better than or equal to blood-based tests in confirming pregnancy.

3) ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicators perform As Good As A Bull™ in determining standing heat.

This trial shows the ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicator rub-off technology performed equally as good as a bull and vigorous visual observation (every 3 hours / 24 hours a day / 7 days a week) at determining standing heat.

Supporting Research

Evaluation of a modified GnRH-based timed-AI protocol associated with estrus detection in beef heifers inseminated with sex-selected or conventional semen

The main objective was to compare pregnancy per AI (P/AI) between sex-selected and conventional semen…

Determine Estrous Response with ESTROTECT to Optimize Artificial Insemination Costs

If you want to target AI expenses where they will have the most impact, consider monitoring estrous response prior to fixed-time AI with proven rub-off heat detection patches from ESTROTECT.

Influence of Modified Live Vaccines on Reproductive Performance in Beef Cattle

Infectious diseases affecting reproduction can create losses all throughout the reproductive cycle, and vaccine programs should be specifically designed based on the needs of your operation to avoid outbreak.
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