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Preparing replacement heifers for the long run

The ability to get replacement heifers bred and calved out early are important indicators for how long heifers will stay in a cow herd. And, heifers need to be fully developed heading into their first breeding season to ensure they’ll have longevity and pay for themselves.

ESTROTECT Unveils New Breeding Indicator for Dairy and Beef Producers

Spring Valley, Wis. [October 1, 2018] – ESTROTECT™, the global leader in innovative breeding management tools, today announced the release of the new ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicator. The ESTROTECT™ Breeding Indicator features a new and improved precision design that includes the…

ESTROTECT Honors the Life of Stan Lock, an AI Industry Pioneer

Sunday morning the AI Industry lost a real pioneer. Stan Lock was a real cowman that understood the science and practical aspects of breeding cattle by artificial insemination. Stan will be missed but his work will go on through his disciples.
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