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Breed with Confidence

ESTROTECT Breeding Indicators are proven to help beef and dairy cattle breeders accurately detect estrus intensity, increase indicated pregnancy rates, inform breeding decisions and improve cattle breeding programs.



5 Simple Steps

Learn how to apply ESTROTECT Breeding Indicators to your cattle by following our detailed, step-by-step instructions. Follow each step carefully to achieve optimal results.

How to Apply

5 star reviews


Increase Confirmed Pregnancy Rates

The patented design of ESTROTECT Breeding Indicators is proven to increase indicated pregnancy rates on operations by up to three times — talk about a sure win!


How it All Began

ESTROTECT is more than just a cattle breeding product — it’s a story of perseverance, innovation and commitment to providing the best possible breeding solution for cattle breeders.

Estrotect Guarantee

We guarantee ESTROTECT Breeding Indicators provide equal or better results than any other comparable reproduction management method on the market, including other adhesive rub-off patches or similar heat detection systems. If you use ESTROTECT Breeding Indicators and do not get equal or better results than your previous method, we will replace the product or give you your money back.*

With millions of ESTROTECT products used worldwide and endorsements from numerous third-party and academic research institutions, the ESTROTECT Guarantee has stood the test of time.

*Written or recorded records from the two previous breeding seasons or previous 180 days are required as proof of heat detection history. Applies to U.S. customers only.


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