Heading to the 2014 “Angus Means Business” National Tradeshow & Convention?
Meet the Breeding Experts at the ESTROTECT™ Heat Detector Booth 310!

ESTROTECT™ is pleased to host two of the leading experts in beef cattle reproduction at the 2014 Angus Means Business Tradeshow & Convention in Kansas City, MO. Stop by and ask questions about your breeding program, including estrus synchronization protocols.


Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014:

Dr. George Perry; South Dakota State University

Dr. Perry’s research focus has been on management factors that impact reproductive success in beef cows and heifers. He has also studied the role of preovulatory estradiol (or estrus expression) on fertility, including fertilization, embryo development and embryo survival.








Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014:



Dr. Dave Patterson; University of Missouri

Dr. Patterson’s extension-related responsibilities include the development of a progressive Missouri-wide educational program in cow-calf production with emphasis on reproduction management of beef cattle. He also serves as the PI, state-wide coordinator and reproductive specialist for the Missouri Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program.







Dr. Perry and Dr. Patterson are both members of the Beef Reproduction Task Force. For more information, visit www.beefrepro.info or www.appliedreprostrategies.com.