How to Use


how to useID by Estrotect™ can be applied effectively to the tail, leg/ankle, ear or most any location on the animal. While not required, clean the application area for mud and other substances if possible. The ID by Estrotect™ band adheres to itself for a strong bond that lasts through all weather and living conditions.

ID by ESTROTECT™ Application

how to useWrap or place ID by Estrotect™ around the desired area of the animal (leg, tail head, etc.). ID by Estrotect™ can be written on with permanent marker. Trim if desired.
•Wrapping too tightly can cut circulation
•Wrapping too loosely allows ID by Estrotect™ to catch on to something and tear off


ID by ESTROTECT™ Removal

To remove ID by Estrotect™, unwrap the strip by hand or use a scissors. ID by Estrotect™ can safely and easily be cut off with an ear tag removal knife. The adhesive is manufactured for safety and should not tear off hair or cause skin irritation upon removal.