As Good As a Bull

ESTROTECT™ Heat Detectors help farmers identify their animals for the Maximum Opportunity for Pregnancy. Below are results from recent university-led studies.


1) ESTROTECT™ Heat Detectors help confirm pregnancies in a 2014 fixed-timed AI trial. 

In the hot & humid 2013-2014 breeding season in Brazil, the University of Missouri used ESTROTECT™ Heat Detectors to determine estrus activity in about 1000 Nelore females (Bosindicus breed). Patches were applied to cattle when CIDRs were removed from animals followed by Fixed-Time Artificial Insemination (FTAI) 48 hours later.


The results in Figure 1 indicated that cows with 50% or more of the ESTROTECT™ Heat Detector rub-off surface removed were significantly more likely to be pregnant after FTAI. Figure 2 provides a more comprehensive breakdown of this study.





2) ESTROTECT™ Heat Detectors help confirm pregnancies in both AI and natural service operations.

This timed-AI beef cattle trial compared ESTROTECT™ Heat Detector’s success in confirming pregnancies to blood-based tests analyzed by three different labs. The results showed that ESTROTECT™ Heat Detectors performed better than or equal to blood-based tests in confirming pregnancy.




3) ESTROTECT™ Heat Detectors perform As Good As A Bull in determining standing heat.

This trial shows that ESTROTECT™ Heat Detector rub-off technology performed equally as good as a bull and vigorous visual observation (every 3 hours / 24 hours a day / 7 days a week).



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