The AccuBreed System – Software

Using sophisticated algorithms, the AccuBreed software monitors and analyzes the mounting activity of each individual animal enrolled on the AccuBreed system. It provides the user with which cows are coming into heat, which cows are in heat and which cows are currently eligible to be bred.

The software analyzes the date, time and duration of every mount to determine specific criteria and help rule out false positives.

The data is easy to understand and can be accessed on the main screen. Some of the major lists generated include:

Suspect Heat List – Cows that are coming into heat but are not yet conformed.

Standing Heat List – Cows confirmed in heat

Breed List – Cows that are in the “breed zone” and are at the ideal time to be bred

Inactive List – Cows that have shown no signs of heat for the last 25 days since enrollment

Brief Cycle List – Cows that have returned to heat 13 days or less since their last heat

Non-Return List – Cows that have not returned to heat 25 days after their last breeding

In addition each cow has her own file that contains all past heats, breedings and pregnancy checks as well as fields for manual data entry and notes.

AccuBreed software runs on any version of Windows software from XP through Windows 8. The software has server capabilities so it can be run on multiple computers.