The AccuBreed System – Hardware


AccuBreed wireless data transfer modules (transmitters) are enclosed in a waterproof patch and glued onto the tailhead of cows.  The transmitters are continually active, keeping track of time and whether a cow gets mounted.  When a standing mount occurs, the pressure sensor and a timer are activated.  When the mount is over, the transmitter sends a wireless data packet in the 900MHz range containing information as to what cow just got mounted and the duration of that mount in seconds.  In addition, with each data transmission, information regarding the health of the transmitter (e.g. remaining voltage, signal strength, etc) is sent.  Transmitters are rechargeable up to 500 times.

Base Station/Buffer

The data is captured by the base station and is “time and date stamped”, i.e., the date and time of day the mount occurred is recorded.  So every time a mount occurs, the system captures which cow was just mounted, the date and time of the mount and the duration of mounts in seconds.  The data is stored in a buffer inside the base station and stays there till.

The base station employees a very unique, dual antenna array.  It receives mounting activity through a 900 MHz antenna and transmits it through a 2.4GHz antenna.  The two different antennas on two different frequencies dramatically increases data transfer rates.

The base station/buffer can be conventionally powered or solar powered.


The router is a small box that sits next to you computer and hooked up and powered by a USB port.  The router communicates with the base station and has its own, but much smaller, 2.4GHz antenna.


In certain situations where there is a need for substantially greater distance from cattle to base station, repeater can be used.  A repeater is placed somewhere between the cattle and the base station. It will capture mounting information and then re-broadcast them to the base station.  A repeater can send signals several miles.