About ID by Estrotect™

  • Highly durable self-adhesive bands used for managing animals
  • Retains visibility in excess of 3 months
  • Manufactured to maintain visibility
  • Glossy overcoat helps maintain color while preventing manure, mud and other substances from caking onto the band
  • Used for any application that requires marking animals
  • Easy to apply, easy to remove

ID by Estrotect™ is the most durable and visible animal identification tool available. Unlike other products used to mark animals, such as duct tape or rubber straps, ID by Estrotect™ does not lose its vibrancy over its time in use. Whether your animals are in a barn or on pasture, ID by Estrotect™ is successful in any livestock living situation.

ID by Estrotect™ is available in five fluorescent colors: Red/Orange, Green, Safety Yellow, Fuchsia and Blue

Common uses for ID by Estrotect™ include:

  • Reproduction Management
  • Medical Treatment
  • Dry Cow Identification
  • Lame Cows
  • Sorting/Culling
  • Any use that requires marking animals